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Save money by relying on a professional tax consultant while working in the Netherlands

Expats that work in the Netherlands do not have ‘an easy job’. Learning a foreign language, working in a different culture, and adhering to all the administrative rules that apply to them as well, such as paying taxes. When you are an expat working and living in the Netherlands, taxes may seem rather difficult. This is especially the case when you are an American expat who needs to file taxes in both countries! Tax consultants from expert company in expat taxes Witlox International Tax Advice can help you with filling out the tax forms and giving explanation of the Dutch tax system.

Make use of the advantageous 30% ruling

If you only started working in the Netherlands as an expat, there are some advantageous tax rules that apply to you – a professional tax consultant can tell everything about it! To make amends for the relocation costs you have had by coming  to the Netherlands, you can apply for the 30% ruling in the first years of your expat life. The 30% ruling means that 30% of your gross income will not be taxed, so you have a higher net income in the first few years of your working life here. A lot of expats in the Netherlands did not know about this ruling, which is why it may be profitable to seek help from a professional tax consultant.

Reliable and professional tax advice from an expert

When you choose to take advantage of the knowledge of an expert tax consultant, you may want to reach out to Witlox International Tax Advice in the Netherlands. The tax consultants that work here are reliable and professional, but most of all they are experts in expat taxing. They take a personal approach to make sure your taxes are filed correctly and on time. Thanks to the use of clear questionnaires you do not have to worry about filling out difficult data. Your tax consultant from the Netherlands makes sure everything is taken care of. Make sure to contact these experts. You can find the contact information on their website.