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Katakura WBLC learning Dutch fast

Learning the Dutch language quicker than you think, Katakura WBLC will help you. Everyone is welcome in our buildings in Amsterdam to learn Dutch. In your own tempo! Katakura WBLC has experience with every level. Don’t you speak a word Dutch? No worries. Our teachers will help you guide you through the beautiful language. You already know more Dutch words than you think. Maybe you didn’t realize it but you probably speak a little Dutch already. A lot of English words were initially used in… The Netherlands. The Dutch colonists were amongst the first settlers to set foot in America in the 17th century and of course they brought with them everyday Dutch words. Today you can find more than 1500 words in an English dictionary. And it’s not just in English. You can also find words in other languages like French, German, Spanish that have their origin in Dutch.But not only do you find Dutch in other languages, it also works the other way around. Katakura WBLC has the knowledge to teach you.


Katakura WBLC learning Dutch fast and fun

Katakura WBLC has two locations in Amsterdam. Both with the things needed to help you start your journey through the Dutch language the right way. With the basic vocabulary, grammar and key phrases you can start a basic conversation. And I can promise you, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. If you can find the opportunity to practise your Dutch on a daily basis or spend time on online self-study you will see that your competence in Dutch will increase exponentially. For basic Dutch vocabulary, sign up now to one of the courses of Katakura WBLC. It is the easiest and most fun way to learn Dutch.


Katakura WBLC studying Dutch

Start to study Dutch with the experience of Katakura WBLC.

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