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Magnetic beads for medical research

To do modern immunoassays one needs magnetic beads for medical research. GC Biotech can provide sufficient materials to start an immunoassay. In this type of novel diagnostic method a magnetic particle like nanometric sized iron oxide is bound to another molecule like an antibody or its antigen. In this way when they both bind in a solution the amount of bound antibodies en antigens can be measured now they are made magnetic by the beads. A reader such as a magnetometer can measure the change in the magnetic field which is caused by the beads. The signal is picked up by the meter and the strength of the signal corresponds with the amount of analyte such as cardiac markers, bacteria, toxins, virusses, etc.

GC Biotech delivers labels that can be manipulated through magnetism. Staining of the sample has no influence on it’s properties. Another advantage is that the biomolecular particles wich are included in sample don’t interfere with the signal. Furthermore photo-bleaching or other reagent doesn’t affect the magnetic beads and therefore the labels stay stable over a long period of time. If you would like to buy some of these useful tools to this type of medical diagnostics look at the webshop of GC Biotech. We also offer PCR kits.

Other goods like PCR kits

There is much more that GC Biotech has to offer its customers. For example we provide PCR kits to do DNA research in a reliable way. Create copies of a genetic sample piece and study it without being afraid of losing the original part. The snowball effect that takes place during a polymerase chain reaction is very useful. It makes sure the process in itself it very reliable since many pieces of DNA are copied which are used to create even more samples of the same genetic origin. So if you would like to have a lot of the same string of genetic material one should definitely use one of the PCR kits that GC Biotech has to offer.