Runescape 3 Skills System Explained

Runescape 3 has four skills categories that allow characters to specialize in performing actions. Combat, support, gathering and artisan are the main skill types.

Runescape 3 has a total of 27 skills divided into four main categories. Players with a free account have access to 16 skills. Despite the restriction, free players are still able to enjoy most of the game’s aspects. Premium members unlock 11 more skills that give them the chance to discover other game activities such as player housing, farming, hunting and more.

The combat category includes eight skills that are used to enhance a character’s fighting prowess. Out of eight skills, only one is premium: summoning. This skill lets players use a companion pet. Four support skills provide all sorts of perks. The most important support skill, dungeoneering, is free while the others must be unlocked with premium options. The other two Runescape 3 skill categories are all about gathering raw materials and transforming them into items. Players mine, cut wood, hunt, fish, farm and collect energy. Materials obtained with gathering skills can be transformed into potions, foods, equipment, runes and player housing items.

Skills are upgraded when players use them. For example, mining is leveled when gathering ores, cooking when transforming ingredients into food and so on. Gathering skills and artisan skills have a complementary design. This means that artisan skills use as material items obtained with gathering skills. It’s not hard to see which skills make a good pair. Hunting and fishing skills provide ingredients for cooking. Firemaking skill is used to create a fire for cooking. With a few exceptions, all skills go from level 1 to 99. The two exceptions are called elite skills as they rely on other ones. These two elite skills go from level 1 to 120. Free players are given the chance to try out premium skills but the level cap is set at five. When players use a certain skill, they gain experience with that particular skill line. Players can upgrade their skills for a limited period of time when using consumables such as foods or potions. Runescape 3 gold are also important for your game playing, which can help you to enjoy game.